Management Board

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Ohad Maiman

Chairman of the Management Board and CEO

Ohad Maiman is the Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of the Company. In his former position as Vice President Business Development at the Merhav Group, Mr. Maiman has had the opportunity to evaluate, develop, and manage multiple operations in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water treatment and Agricultural industries, and that was where he first encountered the land-based aquaculture sector. Impressed by the potential of the nascent field, Mr. Maiman left his former position and dedicated himself to study the opportunity in depth, culminating in the founding and launch of Kingfish in 2015. Mr. Maiman graduated from Columbia University in 2003.

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Christo du Plessis

Management Board Member and acting CFO

Christo du Plessis is the Company's acting CFO and a member of the Management Board. Having trained as a Chartered Accountant, Mr. du Plessis gained experience in the agricultural industry as CFO at fast-growing companies and in specialist roles. Mr. du Plessis then spent 12 years at Abagold Limited, the largest land-based aquaculture operation in Southern Africa, first as CFO and later CEO. He joined Kingfish in January 2019 as Head of Sales and Operations, was promoted to General Manager of Operations at the end of 2019 and is currently acting CFO. Mr. du Plessis holds degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of South Africa and the University of Stellenbosch.

Kees Kloet

Management Board Member and COO

Kees Kloet is the Company's COO and a member of the Management Board. Mr. Kloet is a pioneer in the land-based field and the first to build and operate a Yellowtail Kingfish RAS farm (Silt B.V.). He was involved in the start-up of approximately 30 RAS fish farms worldwide, and responsible for the training of staff and for the first production of a range of different species. In 1993, he also co-founded and served as the commercial director at Coppens International BV. Mr. Kloet holds a Masters in Aquaculture (Msc) from Wageningen University.

Supervisory Board

Hans den Bieman, Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Hans den Bieman

Hans den Bieman is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and served on the Company's 1-tier board of directors prior to the conversion of the Company to a public limited liability company. Mr. den Bieman is currently a shareholder and director of Sealand – the largest smolt producer in Chile. Amongst various top management positions in the field, Mr. Den Bieman served as COO of Nutreco Aquaculture (2000 to 2005) and as CEO of the Netherlands-based Marine Harvest, the world's largest fish-farming company, listed on Oslo Børs (now Mowi ASA) (2005-2007). Mr. Den Bieman holds a Masters in Aquaculture (Msc,) from Wageningen University.


Supervisory Board Member

Alexandre Van Der Wees

Alexandre van der Wees is a member of the Supervisory Board and served on the Company's 1-tier board of directors prior to the conversion of the Company to a public limited liability company. Mr. van der Wees is an Investment Associate at Creadev International S.A.S. where he specialises in aquaculture and agriculture investments, and from where he invested amongst others in InnovaFeed, M2i Life science and Toopi organics. Previously to joining Creadev, Mr. van der Wees worked as financial advisor in Accuracy in Paris. Mr. van der Wees holds a Masters in Finance (Msc,) from Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB).


Supervisory Board Member

Jeroen Scheelbeek

Jeroen Scheelbeek is a member of the Supervisory Board and served on the Company's 1-tier board of directors prior to the conversion of the Company to a public limited liability company . Mr. Scheelbeek currently works at Bauhinia, an independent financial advisory boutique. He advises a number of family offices on financial matters. In addition, he acts as senior financial advisor to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. He is also board member and chairman of the risk committee of Moza Banco, a regulated financial institution in Mozambique. Mr Scheelbeek served, amongst other roles, as global head of structured finance, head of corporate clients and head of corporate finance Asia, in the Rabobank wholesale clients division. He has also acted as member of the highest credit risk committees of the bank. Mr. Scheelbeek has participated in executive management courses at Harvard, IMD, Insead and Kellogg University. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Free University of Amsterdam.


Supervisory Board Member

Helge Moen

Helge Moen is a member of the Company's Supervisory Board. Mr. Moen has extensive experience within aquaculture and marine resources, including from Kverva AS (board member and former CEO). Mr. Moen also holds positions in Sortun Invest AS (chairman and CEO), Patogen AS (board member), Kvefi AS (board member and CEO), Pelagia Holding AS (board member) and SpareBank 1 Kapitalforvaltning AS (board member). Previously, Mr. Moen has been a portfolio manager at Centra Klaveness and senior analyst at First Securities. He has also been a member of the nomination committee of SalMar ASA (chairman), Bakkafrost and Ayanda. Mr. Moen holds a Bachelor in Finance from Trondheim Business School and a Master of Science in Economics and Finance from Warwick Business School. 


Supervisory Board Member

Martin Jansen

Martin Jansen is a member of the Company's Supervisory Board and served on the Company's 1-tier board of directors prior to the conversion of the Company to a public limited liability company. Mr. Jansen has 30 years of FMCG experience in Marketing, Sales and General Management in developed, developing and emerging markets in Europe, Africa and Asia for Family and Multi-National Companies. He has a proven track record of engaging and motivating people, to create and execute a joint vision and build strong, sustainable and profitable businesses, and extensive experience as CEO and as a Non-executive director of both non listed and listed companies. Mr. Jansen holds an HES-Groningen Bachelor in Business Administration and Commercial Economics and has completed the Executive Development Program on Kellogg's Business School/North Western University.

Group Structure

The Company is the parent company of the Group, which comprises of the Company, together with its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Kingfish Maine Inc. and Yellowtail Hatchery USA Inc. The business is mainly carried out through the Company. 

The following chart sets out the Group's legal structure as of the date of this Admission Document:


The Company intends to optimise the Groups' operations and create new subsidiary companies in the Netherlands by way of an internal reorganisation. One of these subsidiaries will become the operating company for the Netherlands. A second subsidiary will become a property holding company for the current real estate assets. A third subsidiary will be founded for future real estate assets. The Company will act as a holding company for the different jurisdictions in which it is active. The Company has obtained tax and legal advice on the reorganisation and the reorganisation was approved by the Management Board on 30 October 2020 and by the Supervisory Board on 19 November 2020. Please find below the Group's legal structure upon completion of the reorganisation which is envisaged to take place in the fourth quarter of 2020.


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