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The Future of Fish is Here

When capacity constraints force an established industry to go through a Paradigm Shift, the Sea Change can be significant- challenging traditional production methods, while providing unparalleled opportunity for innovative newcomers.

With an optimally located site on the shores of the Oosterschelde marine nature reserve in the Netherlands servicing the EU market daily, full cycle hatchery, an on site R&D facility, and an advanced grow-out system; and a 2nd site in development in Jonesport Maine for the US market, The Kingfish Company is a first mover operating at the cutting edge of sustainable, land based, high value marine aquaculture in the EU and the US.


Four Pillars of RAS

RAS is a remarkable technology, when it is well designed and operated, and deployed for the right species at the right market. Here are our four pillars:

Why we start with Kingfish Yellowtail

Yellowtail Kingfish is well-suited for RAS

  1. Proven robustness under intensive conditions. No disease or parasitic problems over the last 10 years

  2. High growth rates. Fast and efficient grow-out cycle and productivity in RAS

  3. Resilient to handling / grading. Naturally a schooling fish.

  4. Year-round juvenile supply from own hatchery, cycle closed.


Milestones reached

We started building our first plant in Zeeland at the shores of the Oosterschelde in 2016. Since then we have reached these and more of our milestones.


Want to know

more about the

Kingfish Company?

Investors that want to know more about our products, farming system and history, please contact us!

Contact us

A  Oost-Zeedijk 13  

    4485 PM Kats, the Netherlands


T +31 (0) 113 74 54 61 

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